Allowing transport companies to focus on what they do best. We reduced the clutter of vehicle and passenger management through the development of smart SaaS product, Genever.

As lead UX/UI this project involved intimate collaboration with both the client and our team of agile developers.

  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Branding
Removing room for error through design and development

Moving thousands of passengers a day, the client required software which could not only replace multiple systems but learn and predict as traffic grew. Built from scratch with features such as instant flight alerts, and mobile check-ins, Genever was greatly reducing work load at launch. Smart systems made predictions for passenger trends, and the UX was carefully designed to ensure that the user was eased into each new feature to launch.

The result is a first of it's kind, transport management tool that now creates seamless travel experiences for passengers across North America.

  • IndustrySaaS / Transportation Management
  • ServicesUser Experience - User Interface - Branding