Online Booking Experience

The future of ground transportation.

The time and place that a user makes their booking was rapidly changing and influencing product expectations. Monitoring booking patterns and use cases, this open book project challenged the traditional booking wizard model and created a friendly, humanistic voice for a large North American client.

Proudly installing a design-thinking approach into the company, this project created value across multiple aspects from brand voice, to product offerings.

  • ClientRidebooker
  • IndustryOnline Booking - Transportation
  • ServicesUser Experience - User Interface - Identity
Collaboration is key
Two countries, over 500,000 trip routes and one development team

This project led the way through large amounts of user research for the first time. Immediate learnings about the user were actioned along the way, while a roadmap for the redesign was developed.

This ambitious yet successful project will be rolled out in stages. A reskin introducing a new tone of voice to users, while the backend team continues preparation for their biggest shift in user experience to date.

Brand Voice

Creating a humanistic, friendly voice that helps the user understand the value of the product.

User Experience

Understanding how users book travel experiences, and designing features to be one step ahead of expectations.

User Interface

Creating a set of design principles, to form a visual style that reinforces the intended user experience.

Listening and reacting

Improving user experience is a passion

Spending numerous hours working with customer service to hear genuine pain points of our users resulted in well informed design decisions reducing friction in the purchasing journey of various personas.

This front-end booking experience paired with SaaS operations tool, Genever, is set to change travel for thousands of travellers.

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