Startup App

Digitising race results with instant access for competitors was already proving popular amongst local test markets when this client contracted my user experience knowledge to help shift from a web-based testing ground to an app-based beta product.

Services offered were UX centric, involving multiple planning sessions and user research to ensure the app was structured for intuitive and socially competitive use.

  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Feature Design
New frameworks and fanatic user experience design

The largest value add of the project was toplanning feature releases and produce well-considered wireframes. The ability to provide useable prototypes built directly in Adobe Experience Design, allowed the client to pitch the app before writing any code.

Designed for a new framework, React Native, the app features social interactions and friend groups for cycling racing. The key features were designed with plans for sponsorship and brand collaboration opportunities.

  • ClientSpokesman
  • IndustrySocial Competition - Race Results
  • ServicesUser Experience - User Interface